For many couples, planning a wedding or commitment service can be stressful.  With all the pressures surrounding the big day, there are often unrealistic and unnecessary expectations that I can help you plan your way through. Whether your guest list is 20 and your wedding party is just you and a couple of witnesses or you will have 200 or more guests and a half dozen attendants each, the service we plan can be as traditional or as original as you choose. Together we can create a ceremony that reflects the best of who you are as those you value most in your life gather to bless the couple you are becoming in the covenant you make on this special day. I have templates and resources to help you plan your service.  We can start from scratch or use a standard liturgy – whatever you need for you to feel the day belongs to you.

I do like to travel! If you have a special destination for your wedding in mind, let’s talk and see if that works for me!

Because your marriage is even more important than your wedding or commitment ceremony, I ask all couples to complete a relationship assessment, using PREPARE-ENRICH. It takes about 40-45 minutes for you each to complete an on-line survey, and we’ll spend 90 minutes in conversation about the results. This is not to determine if you should be married or not; that is not my role or purpose. I do this in order to help me get to know you better. It also helps you move forward with confidence and clarity about who you are as a couple, knowing what relationship gifts you each bring into this new way of being together. After this initial session, if there are areas in your relationship you would like to explore further, I am glad to do that with you as we move forward with the planning of your wedding ceremony. The PREPARE-ENRICH assessment is a resource couples find both affirming and helpful, no matter how brief or long a time they have already known each other, or what stage in life they find themselves as they are planning both for both a wedding and marriage.

I live in St. Paul, but am glad to meet you where it is convenient for us to have an initial meeting, talk about the ceremony, and do our pre-marital work.

Every wedding is a bit different: location, size, rehearsal, pre-marital sessions, travel, etc. I don’t have a set fee for the whole package, but will be glad to talk with you about you need and what I can provide.  Let’s talk, and hopefully I can be at your service.