About Glen

Creating Celebrations

Starting Your Journey

I am Rev. Glen N. Herrington-Hall, and I have been in ministry for for over 30 years.
First, as associate pastor, working mostly with youth and families in 3 different congregations, including providing pastoral care to persons of all ages as well as creating and leading innovative worship services.
Most recently, I served as the admissions director for a cutting-edge theological seminary, bringing together a diverse, engaging, creative and committed student body to prepare for ministry in an ever-chaning faith context.
My ordination and standing is with the United Church of Christ.
My own faith history and practice incorporates a deep appreciation of and gratitude for a variety of faith traditions, which means for me my faith is the starting point for me to encounter other traditions and beliefs.
My ministry through “At Your Service” is to help couples create a meaningful celebration for themselves, their friends, and family,and begin their lives together with their hearts open to each other,┬ánot to convince them of or convert them to any particular path.